GasMap services

GasMap ServicesReal-time fugitive natural gas mapping

Based on Aerovia’s proprietary photoacoustic QCNose sensor
Trace methane/ethane sensing (ppb resolution) and fi ngerprinting using 13C-methane and CO2.

MARCH 2016


Launch of the NOVASULF II Series For H2S & Total Sulphur Measurements by colorimetry.

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 Lasersulf SeriesInternational launch of our new TDL based Analyser System 

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MARCH 2016

Salon analyse industrielleExhibiting at Analysis Industrielle in Paris 30-31st March 2016
Please Vist Us at Booth M14


 ADIPEC OIL&GASExhibition to ADIPEC OIL&GAS Show in Abu Dhabi U.A.E.  
From 7th to 10th  November 2016 – Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC)

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MAY 2016

Iranian Oil & Gas Show

Participation at the Iranian Oil & Gas Show in Teheran

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JUNE 2015

Complex multi-auto ranging Analysis systemsDelivery of 2 off complex multi-auto ranging Analysis systems for one of our major Global clients, which included H2S and Total Sulphur measurements with integrated dilution system and auto ranging for H2S levels of 0-10 ppm to 5% +.

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JUNE 2014

Novasulf HG401

New application for Tracker XP retrofit program

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January 2013: Launch of DualSulf H₂S/total sulphur analyser

Innov announce the release of the DualSulf, a process sulphur analyser that simultaneously measures H₂S and total sulphur in process gas streams.

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Innov renewed its ATEX registration last 13th February 2013

Innov are pleased to announce their renewal of registration as complying with the widely recognized ATEX certification standard after a successful audit by INERIS.