INNOV ANALYSIS SYSTEMS provides the following services

  • Design, manufacturing, integration of analyser and calibration systems.
  • Engineering and design of sample systems linked to the analysers.
  • Assistance for on site installation and commissioning.
  • On site start-up and training.
  • In house technical training.
  • Spare parts including DITECO and DELMAR for the existing instruments.
  • Turn key systems in cooperation with our listed partners.
  • Yearly maintenance.

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GasMap services

Real-time fugitive natural gas mapping

Based on Aerovia’s proprietary photoacoustic QCNose sensor
Trace methane/ethane sensing (ppb resolution) and fi ngerprinting using 13C-methane and CO2.

MARCH 2016

Launch of the NOVASULF II Series For H2S & Total Sulphur Measurements by colorimetry.